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Toddys by SIKU

Playing with Toddys make children smart!

Grasp the world through play – that’s how children understand the world best. They handle their toy, and discover using all the senses! That’s why SIKU designed the Toddys to be exciting in every way. Their workmanship is top-class, with many tactile stimuli, and they are full of interesting details which invite close handling and touching. The many combination options train not only fine motor skills, but also perseverance and patience – almost by themselves! By combining together different teams, fantastic new name combinations are created which stimulate playful interaction with language, and train speech comprehension. The friction motor is a spur to movement – sometimes slow, sometimes fast, the Toddys streak through the play landscape, and the children are right behind too. The Toddys’ functions thus support the entire development process of a small child, step by step.

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