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Quiet Time Products for Kids

Take a well deserved break and introduce some quiet time activities into your routine with one of these educational indoor toys!

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QUERCETTI - Fantacolor Design 3 Mixed Sizes



The new external frame with pegs and curved edges, together with the perfectly effective locks and the original round design of the pegboard make the Fantacolor Design line one of the best offers in the market for inventiveness, safety and purposiveness. The board can also be positioned vertically, standing on its base just like a picture frame, so that your children’s masterpieces can be displayed in full view! The built in handles make it the perfect travel-size toy: the pegboard locks firmly on top of the frame and all components can be safely stored and easily carried around. The kit also includes an album with fun designs for your child to copy.


Categories: Puzzles & Games

Age: 3+

Categories: Educational Products

Brands: Quercetti

RAVENSBURGER - Glitter 100 XXL Pieces Amazing Unicorn



With a wide range of images and designs to choose from, including favorite characters, adorable animals, fantasy images, landscapes, monuments, and more, we've got the perfect puzzle for every puzzler. Assemble the easy to see and grip pieces to complete a portal into a new world featuring an amazing unicorn scene. 100-piece Large Format Puzzles from Ravensburger feature larger pieces with solutions for puzzlers both young and old in mind. Whether you are new to puzzling, an avid puzzler with limited time, or a puzzler who needs pieces that are easier to hold or see, Ravensburger's 100-piece Large Format Puzzles are the perfect fit for you!


Categories: Puzzles & Games

Age: 6+

Brands: Ravensburger

GEOMAG - Panels 83 Pieces



Expand your projects with Geomag Panels! The Panels 83 pcs set comes with 28 green rods, 24 non-magnetic steel spheres, 1 square platform and 30 blue and green plastic panels in different shapes: 16 triangles, 12 squares and 2 pentagons. Add Geomag Panels to your Geomag collection and you will bring new life to your Geomag. A Geomag accessory guaranteed to capture your interest and stir your imagination. Geomag Panels will enhance your Geomag and offer new stability, versatility and design potential. Geomag Classic is an inventive system of simple construction made of rods and spheres produced in Switzerland. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical reasoning. The variety of the shapes and their transformations make it possible to renew structures continuously. A child's imagination is all that is needed to create a unique masterpiece. Geomag world SA is the manufacturer of Geomag toys. All products are designed both to entertain and to stimulate imagination and curiosity. Geomag toys can also become an amusing pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Geomag is produced in line with the strictest criteria of quality and safety typical of Swiss products and is manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American safety standards.


Categories: Building & Construction

Categories: Science

Age: 5+

Brands: GEOMAG

Categories: STEAM

LE TOY VAN - ABC Wooden Blocks




  • Solid wood ABC blocks with 6 different faces & a wooden tray

  • ABC blocks include letters and numbers throughout the design, assisting in letter and number recognition, counting practice and language development

  • Being able to build up the blocks encourages early learning through play as it helps develop dexterity and builds confidence

  • Colourful design helps develop colour recognition and stimulates the imagination

  • Free from plastic, and made from durable repurposed wood to allow long-lasting fun that's kind to the environment 

  • Safe toy - Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards 


ABC Wooden Blocks with 6 different faces, including numbers, letters, illustrations and shapes. A classic alphabet & numbers block set. Beautifully crafted from solid rubberwood, all the edges are smooth for a safe and soft touch. The set features pastel designs of upper and lower-case letters as well as numbers from 0 to 9. The illustrations are related to the letter on the block to support clear and easy letter & number recognition.

The sixth face of the blocks is designed to give an extended play by being used together to create objects and animals, ideal to encourage creativity and imagination. Every block is hand screen printed which makes each one unique. Complete with a handy wooden tray that has a printed alphabet on the base, the ABC block set can also be played with like a puzzle to support alphabet learning. It will help strengthen motor skills, critical thinking, develop pre-reading and early counting skills. The blocks are small and light enough for little hands and will encourage early learning in a most traditional fun way. 

Petilou Collection

We use sustainable materials, non-toxic paints and ensure kid-safe edges for safe play every day. Sensory layers of colours, sounds, textures and discovery foster curiosity and encourage early learning through play. Petilou wooden toys quickly become well-loved family favourites, for generations to come. 

 W:270mm D:228mm H:43mm | Suitable for ages 12 months+ 


Categories: Babies & Toddlers

Age: 1+

Brands: Le Toy Van

NATHAN - Farandole Lacing Game



A workshop for practising motor skills and reproducing simple rhythms with figurative pieces on a farming theme.

The pieces, painted on both sides, can stand and include 2 holes.  The activity can be performed freely or with the help of model cards the same scale as the pieces. The workshop equipment can be used for children to work in pairs.  

20 wooden pieces with 2 holes and illustrated on both sides (cow height: 7 cm)

30 model cards: 33 x 11cm                       

2 laces: 1 m     

1 teacher's leaflet  


Categories: Puzzles & Games

Age: 3+

Brands: Nathan

ORCHARD TOYS - First Puzzle - 4 to 12 Piece Animal 4 in a Box



Children can choose to piece together the elephant, dolphin, meerkat and penguin jigsaw puzzles. Each jigsaw gets progressively harder, from a basic 4 piece jigsaw to a more complex 12 piece jigsaw, which will develop with children as they grow in confidence and ability. Each of the jigsaws features interesting animals from around the world children will love! With chunky, wipe clean pieces, this colourful jigsaw puzzle is perfect for little hands.


Categories: Puzzles & Games

Categories: Language

Age: 3+

Brands: Orchard Toys

CREATIVITY FOR KIDS - Color by Number T-Rex Foil Fun



Flashy red foil makes this T-Rex scene pop! Kids will LOVE to color this fun color by number artwork and hang it on their wall. This guided art activity will appeal to kids who are interested in art and want to create a "masterpiece". The numbered color guide is printed separately from the canvas to allow young artists to follow the guide or color the picture their own creative way. The Connector Pens have a ventilated safety cap to prevent choking, easy-to-grip barrels and strong tips that can be re-hydrated. The water-based inks wash out of most fabrics.

Ages: 6 and above


Categories: Arts & Crafts

Age: 6+

Brands: Creativity for Kids

CREATIVITY FOR KIDS - Glow in the Dark Turtle Lagoon



Create your own play & pretend turtle lagoon. Complete set includes a habitat, sea turtles, starfish, clay, tools and accessories. Everything you need is included!

Cover 2 turtles and a starfish with clay. Also includes glow-in-the-dark clay, rocks and plants, plus a printed seascape to design the lagoon.

Finished habitat measures 10” l x 8” w x 1 ¾”h.

Working with clay engages fine motor development and provides children with a calming, sensory crafting experience while fostering curiosity and imagination. It’s the perfect STEAM activity for budding oceanographers.

Ages: 5 to 95

Contents Include: modeling clay, (5 colors: violet, green, red, yellow, glow in the dark), clear tray, plastic animal shapes (turtle, starfish), glow in the dark rocks, glow in the dark grass, trees, wiggly eyes, clay tools, instructions

Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts not for children under 3


Categories: Arts & Crafts

Age: 5+

Brands: Creativity for Kids

GALT - Friendship Bracelets



Create plaited and woven friendship bracelets with colourful threads, beads and ribbon. Make cool cord bracelets with the foam braiding wheel. Design beaded friendship bracelets using picture beads with stickers plus star, round and silver beads. Fun to wear or give to friends!  Product Dimensions 15.5 x 3.5 x 26.5 cm


Categories: Arts & Crafts

Age: 6+

Brands: Galt

LEGO EDUCATION - Tech Machines Set



Using active technology to learn how the world works

There’s nothing young children find more exciting than the rough tough world of construction and transport. These machines are impressive in action, and the work they do is as big as it gets-drilling holes, digging roads, hauling dirt, and moving things by land, air and sea. Playing with models of vehicles is not only loads of fun for children- it also provides an ideal opportunity for them to learn about important aspects of the physical world and the way we interact with it.

The tach Machines set allows children to build unique models using special screwdrivers, and includes carefully designed problem-solving activities. In addition, the set helps children develop their understanding of physical laws and their fine motor skills and kinesthetic sense-while they work together to get the job done.

Key learning aspects: -Exploring mechanics -Investigating design features -Discussing, planning, organizing and testing ideas -Developing communication skills -Following instructions -Sorting and classifying -Strengthening cognitive skills -Problem solving


Categories: Building & Construction

Categories: Pretend Play

Age: 3+

Brands: LEGO Education

PLAYMOBIL FARM - Farm with Animals




Brands: Playmobil

Categories: Building & Construction

Categories: Pretend Play

Age: 4+


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