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FREE Hama Patterns - Advent Calendar

To make the long wait until Christmas pass faster and inspire creative play and quality family time in December, Club Hama created an advent calendar!

They will be sharing a new pattern every day from 1 to 24 December on their website (www.hama.dk) and Instagram account (@beadsbyhama). The designs are made for children ages 5 years and up. The designs are all a Christmas teddy bear needs in December. There are indoor designs, such as a fireplace, Christmas tree and presents, and outdoor designs like an igloo, sled and snowman. The kids are sure to have fun creating the designs and then playing with the teddy bear and all the other wonderful designs afterwards.

The patterns can be downloaded here from 1 December: https://www.hama.dk/en/inspiration/exclusive-designs/

To make sure you're ready to create the designs from day one, here is a list of the materials you'll need:


No. 221 - Large round

No. 234 - Large square

No. 276 - Large hexagonal

Beads - 1 bag each:

No. 207-01 – White

No. 207-02 - Cream

No. 207-10 – Green

No. 207-18 – Black

No. 207-22 - Dark red

No. 207-70 - Light grey

No. 207-75 - Light nougat

No. 207-50 - Pastel mix

And No. 207-67 – 2 bags


No. 4902 – Hama connectors

No. 645 – Bead supports

No. 224 - Ironing paper