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AquaPlay - Brand Introduction

AquaPlay, the number one water toy! No matter young or old, everyone has a fascination for water. What could be more refreshing than getting wet on a hot summer day? What’s more, AquaPlay’s water toys provide a fun way for your little one to learn about water!

Made exclusively in Germany, AquaPlay’s waterways are not only fun to play with but also provide educational value, introduce basic physical concepts and also help to train haptic skills in water. In addition, all products are manufactured using high-quality recyclable materials and use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure they are all produced to the highest quality standards.

AquaPlay – fun with water!

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AQUA PLAY - Mountain Lake



Meet Aquaplay’s new adventure, the Mountain Lake! This large canal system will keep your children occupied for hours with the brand new play feature; the big mountain with a lake. It also contains a speedboat, a container boat with container and the two animal figures; Nils the Frog and Bo the Bear. Together with the figures, children can explore the mountain’s mysterious cave, climb the steep cliffs, take the speedboat down the hilarious waterfall or search for treasures in the canals. Set the water into motion by paddling the water wheel and pass through the enormous lock system. You regulate the water level by using the pump and opening the lock gates. This is a creative and playful way of educating how water moves, lifts and climbs!

Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 126 x 88 x 35 cm


Age: 5+

Categories: Water Play

Brands: Aqua Play

AQUA PLAY - Lockbox



Meet AquaPlay’s bestseller, the portable LockBox! Let Wilma the Hippo take the container boat out for a journey through the popular lock system by using the pump. In the harbour the crane will assist you to load the container on the amphibian truck. By turning the paddle wheel the water flows through the canals, a playful way of educating how water moves. There are endless of playtime and once ready – it’s easy to fold the set together to a suitcase and stove away. There are indefinitely expandable options, either by other AquaPlay sets or extensions!

Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 85 x 65 x 22 cm


Age: 3+

Categories: Water Play

Brands: Aqua Play

AQUA PLAY - Adventure Land

HK$1,495.00 https://www.wisekidstoys.com/aqua-play-1547-adventureland.html

  • Big Mountain: The centre of the water ride is the mountain with tower and reservoir. With the help of a lift, the boats reach the tower and then head down the steep water slide.

  • Secret hideaway: Along the waterway there is a grass mound with a cave and 2 entrances. Here you will find a secret hiding place under moving stones to hide treasure.

  • Adjustable lake: Filling and draining the mountain lake makes a waterfall appear below. Children can decide whether it becomes a wild surge or a gentle rain curtain.

  • Learn through play: Games from AquaPlay use the fascinating element of water and have been captivating children since 1977. They help to teach the principles of cause and effect as well as movement and direction.

  • Regulate flow: There is a hand crank to regulate the direction and speed. It has large scooped surfaces and can be turned easily.

Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 138 x 88 x 47 cm


Age: 6+

Categories: Water Play

Brands: Aqua Play

AQUA PLAY - Superset



This traditional canal system, the AquaPlay SuperSet, has all our great play features: the new figure Wilma the Hippo, the crane that assists you to lift containers onto the transport boat, a slipway allowing the amphibian car to go from land to water and the popular water lock. Here the vehicles can pass through by manoeuvring the water level with help of the pump and lock gates. Take the vehicles out for a journey in the canals by turning the paddle wheel and thereby set the water into motion, a playful way of educating how the water moves! The SuperSet can easily be combined with other AquaPlay extensions or sets.

Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 105 x 115 x 22 cm


Age: 4+

Categories: Water Play

Brands: Aqua Play


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